Random Acts of Comedy

Random Acts of Comedy

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Random Acts of Comedy
  • An Hour of Mascoutah Public Access (2024)

    Featuring vintage commercials, news updates, crafting, local singles, recipes and more from a long-forgotten public access channel in South Central Illinois.

  • HAGS (2023)

    Unexpected outcomes occur as four women try to grapple with the consequences of death when initiating a final member into their supernatural cult.

  • DOOMED (2023)

    An innocent apocalypse drill turns into a real disaster when a group of college besties face the reality of actually having to live together in a doomsday bunker.

  • Nothing in the Middle of Nowhere (2023)

    Midwestern microwave salesman, Clement Supple, has the worst birthday, full of bad luck with work, relationships, and killers, and is faced with eternal doom unless he can find a way to break the cycle.

  • The Dollnappers (2024)

    After the sudden passing of their late grandmother, a family clashes over a valuable inheritance.

  • Chef Gustav (2024)

    A proud chef is cooking a fancy meal and is forced to fight a mischievous cat who will stop at nothing to steal the food he is cooking.

  • Shredded (2023)

    When tragedy strikes two young men, one of them races against the clock to find a missing phone number and save his best friend's life.

  • Starving (2023)

    We are obsessed with instant fixes to all of our problems. And the more we look to our phones to solve our every fleeting need, the less we are satiated. Whether we’re hungry, lonely, bored… whether we’re looking for validation, meaning, or love.

  • The Central Standard (2023)

    When a money drop goes wrong, Louise and Alexi find themselves in a standoff with time ticking away.

  • Beetle's Bat House (2020)

    Join us in the BatHouse for a demented Halloween Special from the mind of Connor Konz! BEETLE'S BAT HOUSE also stars Michael Turrentine & Layne Dixon.

  • Bento Banana (2023)

    An animated web series about a talking artificially intelligent banana and his eggplant sidekick existing within a procedurally generated anime that appears to be mysteriously glitching. With the progression of the series, the themes move from the absurdity and conventions of anime into existenti...

  • Mountains Mountains Mountains - A Cosmic Horror Comedy (2023)

    It's Beaver Week! The premier event at Mountains Mountains Mountains Resort. This year was shaping up to be the best Beaver Week in years. Until the canoes were mysteriously destroyed.

  • Freak Show Cabaret (Quarantine Edition)

    In this digital edition of her one-woman show, Sophia Lucia mixes music, comedy, and the surreal. It's a Freak Show. It's a Cabaret. It's the Freak Show Cabaret.

  • Office Offence (2023)

    Addison is gluten intolerant. She makes her own - very lovely - sandwiches to bring to work every day. Matt also thinks Addison's sandwiches are very lovely.

  • Spitball (2023)

    Two writers struggle to come up with the perfect script for a short film

  • Detective Tickles (2023)

    In this loving homage to film noir, a party clown turns private eye.

  • Boob Cockpit (2023)

    Titillating Wonders! Mystifying Frights! Astounding Discoveries!

    Boob Cockpit, a long-lost American science fiction television series follows the adventures of a gravity-defying, Double D class spaceship and it’s plucky Pilot; escaping booby traps at every turn.