Random Acts of Comedy

Random Acts of Comedy

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Random Acts of Comedy
  • Freak Show Cabaret (Quarantine Edition)

    In this digital edition of her one-woman show, Sophia Lucia mixes music, comedy, and the surreal. It's a Freak Show. It's a Cabaret. It's the Freak Show Cabaret.

  • Little Valley Zombies (2021)

    Long-lost found footage from a local public access channel.

  • Office Offence (2023)

    Addison is gluten intolerant. She makes her own - very lovely - sandwiches to bring to work every day. Matt also thinks Addison's sandwiches are very lovely.

  • Spitball (2023)

    Two writers struggle to come up with the perfect script for a short film

  • Detective Tickles (2023)

    In this loving homage to film noir, a party clown turns private eye.

  • Boob Cockpit (2023)

    Titillating Wonders! Mystifying Frights! Astounding Discoveries!

    Boob Cockpit, a long-lost American science fiction television series follows the adventures of a gravity-defying, Double D class spaceship and it’s plucky Pilot; escaping booby traps at every turn.