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  • Fluffy Homegirls (2023)

    Alex is forced to face her body issues in front of her “model type” girlfriends on a vacay to New York City. A serendipitous encounter helps her find inspiration and acceptance to enjoy and love the body she is in.

  • Love Don't Bully (2024)

    A teacher and her middle school students talk about, interview, act out and research bullying, both at school and as a society.

  • The Last Take (2024)

    Facing the end, a movie star from the golden age of Hollywood must reconcile with the only man he ever loved.

  • Apolitical - Trailer (2024)

    A celebratory dinner party unravels when the guests find out the host doesn't follow the news.

  • Chavo (2024)

    Tommy’s grill is a meeting point for the Roma community. Here a tightly-knit but motley crew of people gather to eat and talk. When a lone young guy visits the restaurant one evening, rumors begin to spread and Tommy is forced to revisit traumatic memories.

  • Black, Queer & Done (2022)

    Black, Queer & Done is an independent feature film exploring the experiences and representation of Black LGBT+ people within the arts, culture and media sectors.

  • What Are You Having? (2024)

    “What are you having?” is a poignant short film that highlights the experiences of three Albertan families, who have chosen not to assign a gender at birth to their child. From the anticipation of a new baby to the challenges of raising toddlers and teenagers, the film offers a glimpse into the l...

  • Boob Cockpit (2023)

    Titillating Wonders! Mystifying Frights! Astounding Discoveries!

    Boob Cockpit, a long-lost American science fiction television series follows the adventures of a gravity-defying, Double D class spaceship and it’s plucky Pilot; escaping booby traps at every turn.

  • The Old Man in the Rocking Chair (2023)

    An abusive housekeeper finds herself involved in a series of murders along with the elderly man she watches in an isolated mansion.

  • Red Ribbons of Love (2023)

    In 1993, when salons, barbershops, schools, and churches were closing their doors to the LGBT community for fear of "catching" AIDS, this church not only welcomed the community into the church but affixed two large red ribbons of love to the sides of its tower to proclaim that all are welcome.