RATFest Encores

RATFest Encores

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RATFest Encores
  • Senseless (2020)

    Struck down by a sudden, mysterious affliction, boyfriends Max and James must find help before they are trapped forever in their own bodies.

  • Stranger in the Woods (2023)

    After surviving a traumatic event, Liv's friends take her on a weekend trip to the woods. When her dog suddenly disappears, the relaxing weekend begins to unravel, as does everyone's sanity.

  • Mære (2020)

    Based on the original folklore which created the term, nightMARE, a sleep doctor knows the science behind sleep paralysis but is confronted by his patient's experiences as well as his own.

  • Winter's Blood (2020)

    After being pursued through the snow by a masked stranger, a woman becomes entangled in a dark year-end ritual.

  • Wanna Be Friends? (2020)

    have you seen this comment?

  • Mountains Mountains Mountains - A Cosmic Horror Comedy (2023)

    It's Beaver Week! The premier event at Mountains Mountains Mountains Resort. This year was shaping up to be the best Beaver Week in years. Until the canoes were mysteriously destroyed.

  • The Umbrella Man (2020)

    The Umbrella Man is coming.

  • Little Valley Zombies (2021)

    Long-lost found footage from a local public access channel.

  • Fire Lies (2019)

    Two housemates confront each other while their house is devoured by flames - but is it real?

  • Freak Show Cabaret: Halloween Edition! (2020)

    In this RATFest 2020 encore, Sophia Lucia creates a one-of-a-kind celebration of all things spooky. FREAK SHOW CABARET is based on her live show of the same name which has played stages in Chicago and Paris.

  • Beetle's Bat House (2020)

    Join us in the BatHouse for a demented Halloween Special from the mind of Connor Konz! BEETLE'S BAT HOUSE also stars Michael Turrentine & Layne Dixon.

  • Scary Stories: Dark Web (2020)

    Based on Random Acts' live 'Scary Stories' production in 2019, this pandemic-era film has reached over 100k screens.