RATFest Encores

RATFest Encores

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RATFest Encores
  • The Umbrella Man (2020)

    The Umbrella Man is coming.

  • Wanna Be Friends? (2020)

    have you seen this comment?

  • Winter's Blood (2020)

    After being pursued through the snow by a masked stranger, a woman becomes entangled in a dark year-end ritual.

  • Mære (2020)

    Based on the original folklore which created the term, nightMARE, a sleep doctor knows the science behind sleep paralysis but is confronted by his patient's experiences as well as his own.

  • Senseless (2020)

    Struck down by a sudden, mysterious affliction, boyfriends Max and James must find help before they are trapped forever in their own bodies.

  • Little Valley Zombies (2021)

    Long-lost found footage from a local public access channel.

  • Fire Lies (2019)

    Two housemates confront each other while their house is devoured by flames - but is it real?

  • Freak Show Cabaret: Halloween Edition! (2020)

    In this RATFest 2020 encore, Sophia Lucia creates a one-of-a-kind celebration of all things spooky. FREAK SHOW CABARET is based on her live show of the same name which has played stages in Chicago and Paris.

  • Beetle's Bat House (2020)

    Join us in the BatHouse for a demented Halloween Special from the mind of Connor Konz! BEETLE'S BAT HOUSE also stars Michael Turrentine & Layne Dixon.

  • Scary Stories: Dark Web (2020)

    Based on Random Acts' live 'Scary Stories' production in 2019, this pandemic-era film has reached over 100k screens.