2023 Short Films

2023 Short Films

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2023 Short Films
  • The Newcomer (La Nueva) (2023)

    A teacher is forced to deal with troublemakers on her first day at a new school.

  • Izai (2022)

    First, there is nothing. A void of white emptiness.

  • Rearview (2023)

    A man sees a strange figure in his backup camera. Warning: Objects are closer than they appear.

  • Script (2019)

    Two screenwriters, a ghost story, the night that goes on. Who will put an end to this?

  • Conspiracy Cases: The Wasp Woman (2023)

    For the first time ever, paranormal expert Jeffrey Paul allows a documentary film crew to follow him along on his investigations as he cracks the world's most compelling conspiracy cases.

    "Conspiracy Cases" is a comedic mockumentary that takes a tongue-in-cheek approach to the world of paranorma...

  • The Dinner (La Cena) (2023)

    After breaking up with her boyfriend, Mónica gathers her friends for a casual dinner to reveal a dark secret.

  • Glovebox (2023)

    A teenager slowly gets possessed by the demon inside his first car.

  • It Got Bloody (2022)

    A woman desperately fights a male attacker for her life.

  • Fake Plastic Blood (2022)

    Atop a parking garage overlooking downtown Detroit, Clara asks her drug dealer for the forbidden blue pills – to help her deal with the “fake bitches” at her roommate’s party tonight. The drug comes with a warning: she might hallucinate some very disturbing things. On her way to the party, the vi...

  • Prédation (2023)

    A young woman gets more attention than she wanted after posting a photo online.

  • Fascinator Box (2023)

    Let's show everybody.

    Brandon’s friends found a wooden box in the woods. Something is in there but you have to look in. Something wants you to look in. Go on, look in.

  • Day of the Dead (2023)

    An artist, painting alone in her studio, is unaware of a sinister presence watching her closely until the strange sounds and voices get louder and more threatening.

  • Quartzo (2022)

    Ariel is a painter who finds herself stuck in a creative slump that threatens her career as well as her own sanity. She is crumbling beneath the weight of her debilitating depression and the ever-shortening deadlines of her employers, becoming increasingly paranoid and isolating herself completel...

  • Mr. Poe, Memory and Nightmares (2023)

    A clay-animated film following Edgar Allan Poe on his accidental trip to Baltimore, with memory and nightmares of his works as he heads to his final moments.

  • Branching Out With the Invisible Man (2020)

    A very tired and exhausted Invisible Man is surprised by sudden guests.

  • Echo's Voice Box (2023)

    A singer is terrified of losing her voice and thinks someone is out to steal it.

  • Bento Banana (2023)

    An animated web series about a talking artificially intelligent banana and his eggplant sidekick existing within a procedurally generated anime that appears to be mysteriously glitching. With the progression of the series, the themes move from the absurdity and conventions of anime into existenti...

  • Consumer (2022)

    Tortured by toxic beauty standards, thirteen-year-old Rein discovers an unconventional and disturbing way to lose weight. She thinks she's found a fast track to perfection...but ends up biting off more than she can chew.

  • ansia (2022)

    The Portuguese word "ânsia" can mean anxiousness and agony, but also mean 'an insatiable craving.' Ansia starts deep within and crawls over your body, leaving you uneasy and longing for peace.

  • The Old Hag and the Crow (2023)

    An old hag turns young again after drinking a mysterious potion.

  • The Soul of the Lake (2023)

    One night, three friends gather around a campfire near a lake to scare each other and tell ghost stories. One of the legends may be more connected to the present days than they imagine, that of the Soul of the Lake…

  • Girl Talk! (2022)

    A woman asks a man for dating advice.

  • Serial Killer (Sirienkiller)

    Ted is obsessed with horror movie legends and wants to be a legend himself. Ted wants to be a serial killer. The young Myra wants to support him and offers himself as a victim. Does Ted have the guts?