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  • Wanna Be Friends? (2020)

    have you seen this comment?

  • Winter's Blood (2020)

    After being pursued through the snow by a masked stranger, a woman becomes entangled in a dark year-end ritual.

  • Mære (2020)

    Based on the original folklore which created the term, nightMARE, a sleep doctor knows the science behind sleep paralysis but is confronted by his patient's experiences as well as his own.

  • Stranger in the Woods (2023)

    After surviving a traumatic event, Liv's friends take her on a weekend trip to the woods. When her dog suddenly disappears, the relaxing weekend begins to unravel, as does everyone's sanity.

  • Senseless (2020)

    Struck down by a sudden, mysterious affliction, boyfriends Max and James must find help before they are trapped forever in their own bodies.

  • Snowbeast (1977)

    A Colorado ski resort is besieged by a sub-human beast that commits brutal murders on the slopes

  • Mind Leech (2023)

    A very persuasive Leech is wreaking havoc in rural Provinstate, 1998. On a mission to expand its horizons, our influential invertebrate enlists the help of the local townsfolk. The Police are soon on the tail of our pesky parasite.

  • Fire Lies (2019)

    Two housemates confront each other while their house is devoured by flames - but is it real?

  • John Carpenter's Captain Voyeur (1969)

    A bored computer worker becomes fixated on a co-worker and follows her home.

  • Elise's Nightmare (2020)

  • Carnival of Souls (1962)

  • The Dinner (La Cena) (2023)

    After breaking up with her boyfriend, Mónica gathers her friends for a casual dinner to reveal a dark secret.

  • Glovebox (2023)

    A teenager slowly gets possessed by the demon inside his first car.

  • An Eye for an Eye (U' Olho por u' Olho) (2023)

    A young girl is pursued by an entity until the point of no return is reached. Will she survive?

  • Prédation (2023)

    A young woman gets more attention than she wanted after posting a photo online.

  • Quartzo (2022)

    Ariel is a painter who finds herself stuck in a creative slump that threatens her career as well as her own sanity. She is crumbling beneath the weight of her debilitating depression and the ever-shortening deadlines of her employers, becoming increasingly paranoid and isolating herself completel...

  • Mr. Poe, Memory and Nightmares (2023)

    A clay-animated film following Edgar Allan Poe on his accidental trip to Baltimore, with memory and nightmares of his works as he heads to his final moments.

  • The Manster (1959)

    An American reporter is sent to Japan to interview an eccentric Japanese scientist; upon arriving the doctor is delighted to see he is a perfect test subject.

  • Bento Banana (2023)

    An animated web series about a talking artificially intelligent banana and his eggplant sidekick existing within a procedurally generated anime that appears to be mysteriously glitching. With the progression of the series, the themes move from the absurdity and conventions of anime into existenti...

  • The Old Hag and the Crow (2023)

    An old hag turns young again after drinking a mysterious potion.

  • The Monster Under the Bed (2022)

    A lonely woman struggles to fall asleep, only to realize; she's not sleeping alone... someone or something lurks in the shadows.

  • The Subscriber (2023)

  • Mountains Mountains Mountains - A Cosmic Horror Comedy (2023)

    It's Beaver Week! The premier event at Mountains Mountains Mountains Resort. This year was shaping up to be the best Beaver Week in years. Until the canoes were mysteriously destroyed.

  • Minuterie (2023)

    A robbed merchant triggers a very special security system... in thirteen minutes.