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  • Mister Creep (2022)

    Three college students stumble upon a secret television broadcast of a deceased serial killer and search for its location.

  • The Discarded (2023)

    An experimental 3D animation about a broken android, an elusive junk monster, and the place where all the broken things go.

  • Signal (2023)

    Deborah is trapped in a hospital room after a car accident. As she desperately tries to reach her partner by phone, a presence seems to be watching her in the darkness of the room...

  • Exercised (2023)

    A woman is unknowingly forced to exercise her demons.

  • The 13th Hour (2023)

    Anna wanders the streets of Rouen in search of a solution to free herself from a toxic relationship.

  • On Air (2023)

    A couple of wannabe social influencers try to increase their viewership by breaking into the crime scene of an unsolved vicious mass murder, only to discover that they have fallen into the killer trap.

  • Snaggletooth (2022)

    Intergalactic Pirate Queen Zenobia attacks the planet Earth by awakening a kaiju-sized robotic creature and letting it loose on the city of Melbourne. Can the world be saved?

  • *666 (2023)

    A casual dabble in the occult leads to horrifying consequences as two women contact another realm.

  • Incubus (2023)

    An insomniac teenage girl receives a mysterious box. Strange things begin happening.

  • Twilight Time (2023)

    After the death of her best friend, Violet begins to experience sleep paralysis. As the nights go by, her nightmare begins to turn into something very familiar and equally sinister.

  • Cottonmouth (2023)

    While tending to his scarred skin, 20-year-old Marcus Taylor gets a knock on the door. John Mccalister, a derailed yet seasoned detective, has been sent to question Marcus regarding the events of his date with a gorgeous Portuguese exchange student, Angelina Giordani - - A date at Angelina’s own ...

  • Something in the Water (2023)

    Three friends staying in a remote cabin awake to knocking on the door.

  • Apples, Oranges, Lemons & Limes (2022)

    A timid young man chronically suffers from social anxiety. At a party, an unlikely encounter inspires a night of drinking, joy and romance.

  • Minuterie (2023)

    A robbed merchant triggers a very special security system... in thirteen minutes.

  • Can You Keep a Secret?! (2023)

    When Adham attends a new girlfriend's gathering, he finds himself face-to-face with what he's been running away from.

  • Dead Cat Bounce (2023)

    The first lockdown has just ended in Italy. Giulia is alone in the darkness of her one room apartment.

  • One-Handed Witch (2023)

    A fiery witch loses her hand to an angry mob, tames wild beasts in the forest, and starts hustling small town folk and casinos out of all their money, with just one hand. Where is she now?

  • Opal (2023)

    Once upon a time, there was a magic kingdom of giant calabash-shaped floating islands where summer lasted forever and the inhabitants were immortal. The source of all magic was a young princess called Opal. Legends said that her joy would bring wonders and prosperity to the kingdom. But her sadne...

  • Dominique Personne (2023)

    Dominique is a 13-year-old girl, shy and far from being popular. The big tournament is this weekend - but this morning, Dominique has her period.

  • House Of Mystic Magic (2023)

    Heaven and hell and all in between, the House of Mystic Magic features a luxurious presentation of the seven deadly sins.

  • My Little Girl (2023)

    A touching and uplifting mother-daughter journey through time. Experience how love overcomes suffering and builds lasting memories that give meaning to life and strengthen the soul.

  • Kindik Ene (2023)

    The appearance of the soul, the birth of a person into this world, the living of various scenarios of life.

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  • The Old Man in the Rocking Chair (2023)

    An abusive housekeeper finds herself involved in a series of murders along with the elderly man she watches in an isolated mansion.