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  • An Hour of Mascoutah Public Access (2024)

    Featuring vintage commercials, news updates, crafting, local singles, recipes and more from a long-forgotten public access channel in South Central Illinois.

  • DOOMED (2023)

    An innocent apocalypse drill turns into a real disaster when a group of college besties face the reality of actually having to live together in a doomsday bunker.

  • HAGS (2023)

    Unexpected outcomes occur as four women try to grapple with the consequences of death when initiating a final member into their supernatural cult.

  • Nothing in the Middle of Nowhere (2023)

    Midwestern microwave salesman, Clement Supple, has the worst birthday, full of bad luck with work, relationships, and killers, and is faced with eternal doom unless he can find a way to break the cycle.

  • The Dollnappers (2024)

    After the sudden passing of their late grandmother, a family clashes over a valuable inheritance.

  • Chef Gustav (2024)

    A proud chef is cooking a fancy meal and is forced to fight a mischievous cat who will stop at nothing to steal the food he is cooking.

  • Shredded (2023)

    When tragedy strikes two young men, one of them races against the clock to find a missing phone number and save his best friend's life.

  • The Central Standard (2023)

    When a money drop goes wrong, Louise and Alexi find themselves in a standoff with time ticking away.

  • Starving (2023)

    We are obsessed with instant fixes to all of our problems. And the more we look to our phones to solve our every fleeting need, the less we are satiated. Whether we’re hungry, lonely, bored… whether we’re looking for validation, meaning, or love.

  • The Scary Stories Challenge (2023, Early Cut)

    Influencers begin to disappear after taking part in an online challenge.

  • Freak Show Cabaret (Quarantine Edition)

    In this digital edition of her one-woman show, Sophia Lucia mixes music, comedy, and the surreal. It's a Freak Show. It's a Cabaret. It's the Freak Show Cabaret.

  • Beyond the Page (Oltre le Pagine, 2023)

    An author, during an interview for is newest novel, will try to hide his rowdy past, but he'll end up absorbed by the emotions felt at that time.

  • Wanna Be Friends? (2020)

    have you seen this comment?

  • Mister Creep (2022)

    Three college students stumble upon a secret television broadcast of a deceased serial killer and search for its location.

  • The Discarded (2023)

    An experimental 3D animation about a broken android, an elusive junk monster, and the place where all the broken things go.

  • Signal (2023)

    Deborah is trapped in a hospital room after a car accident. As she desperately tries to reach her partner by phone, a presence seems to be watching her in the darkness of the room...

  • Exercised (2023)

    A woman is unknowingly forced to exercise her demons.

  • The 13th Hour (2023)

    Anna wanders the streets of Rouen in search of a solution to free herself from a toxic relationship.

  • On Air (2023)

    A couple of wannabe social influencers try to increase their viewership by breaking into the crime scene of an unsolved vicious mass murder, only to discover that they have fallen into the killer trap.

  • Snaggletooth (2022)

    Intergalactic Pirate Queen Zenobia attacks the planet Earth by awakening a kaiju-sized robotic creature and letting it loose on the city of Melbourne. Can the world be saved?

  • *666 (2023)

    A casual dabble in the occult leads to horrifying consequences as two women contact another realm.

  • Incubus (2023)

    An insomniac teenage girl receives a mysterious box. Strange things begin happening.

  • Twilight Time (2023)

    After the death of her best friend, Violet begins to experience sleep paralysis. As the nights go by, her nightmare begins to turn into something very familiar and equally sinister.

  • Cottonmouth (2023)

    While tending to his scarred skin, 20-year-old Marcus Taylor gets a knock on the door. John Mccalister, a derailed yet seasoned detective, has been sent to question Marcus regarding the events of his date with a gorgeous Portuguese exchange student, Angelina Giordani - - A date at Angelina’s own ...